Willow Awards

Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Awards is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that has encouraged a love of reading in children and youth for over 15 years. Through their new website they are able to showcase their community initiatives including a yearly gala, launch events and school/library based activities that engage children, parents, teachers and librarians in reading great Canadian literature. The Willow Awards site is a great way to see some of the best books for all youth in recent years. Don’t forget to help your kids vote for their favourites each year!

Key Feature

Archive – Willow Awards have a rich history of encouraging a love of reading for over 15 years. Their extensive book library setup allows them to showcase the finalists for every year. The archive feature will grow with them as new books are added every year.

Voting – Willow Awards features an extensive voting system that allows librarians, teachers and parents to assist children in voting for their favourite books every year. The voting system collects and summarizes voting for the editors and even allows editors to export reports for each year and category.

Voting Countdown – Willow Awards features the ability to provide a countdown (controlled by the editors to a specific date. Most often used to track how much time users have left to vote it can easily be altered to count down to the next Gala, Launch Event or other community events.

Standard Features

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  • Articles / News – The Willow Awards allows for Editors to create news / informational articles quickly and easily. Articles can be tagged and filtered based on data provided by the Editors.
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