Muscle Therapy Clinic

Located in Montréal Québec, Vince Baldassare’s clinic offers professional expert muscle therapy for a wide array of health conditions.

You can learn more about his offered services, products and muscle therapy techniques or read what his clients have to say about his work on his new website.

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Key Feature

Bilingual – Editors are provided with full control over English and French content, and the content is automatically linked between the two languages. This creates a seamless experience for users on the front end. A user who is currently looking at the Products page in English but chooses to instead view the French page (Nos Produits) will see the page translate smoothly with the exact same structure. The full control means the editors can translate each aspect of the page intuitively – including navigation, address, hours of operation and even the copyright notice. They can also ensure the translation is accurate and not dependent on Google Translate or other “automated” algorithm translations that will often “skip” slang, colloquial or unfamiliar terms. Ex. abbreviations or monetary terms ($25.00 vs 25,00 $).

Standard Features

  • Responsive – as with all BlackSun Design websites, the Muscle Therapy Clinic site is responsive to allow a consistent experience across multiple platforms. Content adjusts in placement and size to be more convenient for viewing on smaller devices – but is not hidden and does not vanish. All functionality remains consistent and available to users regardless of their hardware choice.
  • Articles / News – The Muscle Therapy Clinic allows for Editors to create news / informational articles and provide authorship credit when necessary. Articles can be tagged and filtered based on data provided by the Editors.
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