Greenline Bio Energy

Greenline Bio Energy is a family owned business from Dilke, Saskatchewan that offers a wide array of agricultural pellets for fuel or food.

Their website offers quick and easy contact with the company, as well as information regarding their products and company.

Additional Design

Logo – The BlackSun Design Team worked with Greenline Bio Energy to create a logo that captured the branding they wanted to utilize going forward.

Standard Features

  • Responsive – as with all BlackSun Design websites, the Greenline Bio Energy site is responsive to allow a consistent experience across multiple platforms. Content adjusts in placement and size to be more convenient for viewing on smaller devices – but is not hidden and does not vanish. All functionality remains consistent and available to users regardless of their hardware choice.
  • Flexible Content – The BlackSun Design Flexible Content Setup allows editors full control over their layout – allowing them to choose from pre-designed components to suit their content needs. Editors can choose from free form editors, carousels, buttons, galleries and more to create new content of their choosing while maintaining a consistent look and feel to the website without ever needing to look at or edit “code”.
  • BlackSun Theme Options – The BlackSun Design Theme Options allow easy editing of “design elements” such as adding a new logo, or adding new social media platforms with a click of a button.