Bucket List Lodge

Where dreams and adventures come together!”

Bucket List Lodge is a new website, for a brand new adventure. The hunting lodge is located in Saskatchewan, catering to clients who wish to have the hunt of a lifetime. Looking for a modern, but rustic outdoorsy feel, with vivid imagery – Darin Placsko and his partners Pat and Jon Kohls worked closely with BlackSun’s Design and Development team to bring their brand and vision to reality.

Standard Features

  • Responsive – as with all BlackSun Design websites, the Bucket List Lodge site is responsive to allow a consistent experience across multiple platforms. Content adjusts in placement and size to be more convenient for viewing on smaller devices – but is not hidden and does not vanish. All functionality remains consistent and available to users regardless of their hardware choice.
  • Giving Back Stories – The Bucket List Lodge site utilizes a modified blog theme to allow Editors to record their Giving Back Story and hunt gallery every year.
  • Flexible Content – The BlackSun Design Flexible Content Setup allows editors full control over their layout – allowing them to choose from pre-designed components to suit their content needs. Editors can choose from free form editors, carousels, buttons, galleries and more to create new content of their choosing while maintaining a consistent look and feel to the website without ever needing to look at or edit “code”.
  • BlackSun Theme Options – The BlackSun Design Theme Options allow easy editing of “design elements” such as adding a new logo, adding new social media platforms or changing background images with a click of a button.